The rudder and control column support framework is almost complete.This will allow construction of the fuselage to begin in the next couple of weeks.


First photos of the flight controls assembly added in the flight controls section.


Build Techniques page added


Instruments page updated


All cockpit section frames now completed.


Assembly of the cockpit section has now started and work has begun on the cockpit fittings. 

Control system page updated.


Construction of the cockpit section is well underway, photo update very soon.

Another couple of instruments obtained,photos in the instruments page. 


Photos of frame 5 complete with main spar booms added.


Flap control valve has been made (Thanks,  Herbert) , photos in the cockpit page.


Photos of the rudder trim control added in the cockpit page.


Work on the cockpit assembly is still in progress.Another item for the cockpit has been made, this being the chassis indicator.


Engine hand controls have been made. Work on the cockpit construction is progressing well.


A  couple more items for the cockpit have been made, these being the compass correction card holders and the main instrument panel.


Photos of the early stages of the cockpit section assembly posted.


Early construction photos of the chassis control unit posted.


Chassis control unit completed, photos in the cockpit page.


Gunsight mount completed. Work on the new pilots seat is underway. 


Kigas primer pump made (photos in cockpit page)


Early type reflector gunsight made ( photos in cockpit page)


Craig has made some great progress on the instrument controls, and now has the Artificial Horizon working by reading flight data from the PC. More details on the instruments page.


Pilots bullet proof windscreen frame has now been made, photos in the cockpit page.


P8 compass added to the instrument page. Work on the new build pilots seat underway, photos in the cockpit page.


Photos of the completed new build pilots seat in the cockpit page.


De-icing tank completed, work on the hand pump and fittings to complete the assembly is underway. Photos in the cockpit page.


The hand pump for the de-icing system now completed, photos in the cockpit page.


New build pilots seat is now complete. The seat back rest cushion has been made and fitted, and the seat and frame assembly has been sprayed. Photos in the cockpit page.


                  Between working on the fuselage getting ready for skinning, some of the smaller items have been worked on for the project. These include both housings for the elevator and rudder trim controls. Work has also started on the release gear for the sutton harness. Photos in the cockpit page.


                 A few more items for the harness release gear have been made, photos in the cockpit page.


New page added on the wing construction. Harness release gear complete, photos in the cockpit page.


Gunsight dimming screen framework has been made and fitted. Photos in the cockpit page.


               New page added for the cockpit fitting. Construction of the jettison/fuel cock control assembly has started. Photos in the cockpit page 2 page.


                Jettison/fuel cock control assembly complete, photos in the cockpit page 2.


Today I had the privilege of being invited to visit the Historic Flying Limited  workshop at Duxford. I am not sure I can relate in words what a fantastic opportunity this was for me. To be invited to look round was something special, but to be given a personal tour by one of the engineers who was more than willing to explain in depth the questions I had was more than I could have wished for. Whilst there, I was also given the chance to photograph and measure fittings and cockpit framework assembly that would help out with my own humble project.


But the day did not end there; HFL's latest restoration was also in the hanger. This being the Mk T9 two seat Spitfire IAC-161. The quality and attention to detail on this aircraft and all the work that takes place there is a testament to the skill and dedication of the team, and a great credit to all concerned. 


I have to say a very big thank you to Chris at HFL for taking the time to contact me, going out of his way to arrange the visit, then giving up his own free time to show me round. I would also like to say a big thank you to Mr John Romain for giving permission for the visit to take place.


On reflection, saying the words thank you just does not seem enough to these guys. But it was a day i will never forget. 



            Latest items made for the project are the oxygen control valve and the emergency chassis control assembly. Photos in cockpit page 2


The emergency chassis assembly is now completed and work on the voltage regulator has started. Photos in the cockpit page 2.


             The voltage regulator is now complete. photos in the cockpit page 2.


           Work on the De-Icing control assembly and mounting bracket has begun. Photos in the cockpit page 2. 


               De-Icing control assembly completed,photos in the cockpit page 2.


                 Another directional Gyro has been obtained  along with some electrical  items for the project. Photos in the instrument page.


                The hydraulic tank the fits on the front of the frame 5 firewall has been made. Photos in the cockpit page 2.


                 Work has started on the windscreen frames and front glazing. Photos in the cockpit page 2. 


Work on the windscreen was put on hold while some technical information was obtained regarding thermal forming of the material being used for the top glazing panel and the canopy. This has now been obtained and a plug will be made onto which the top glazing panel will be hot formed. Lessons learned on this item will be put to good use when making the canopy.

While waiting for that information, work on the cockpit door catches was started. Photos in the cockpit 2 page.


A new cockpit page 3 has been added, and the cockpit door catch assembly has been completed. Photos in the new cockpit page 3.


Latest parts to be made include the Oxygen bottle cradle and the remote control unit. Photos in the cockpit page 3.


The oxygen bottle cradle has now been completed, photo in the cockpit page 3.


         Work is still progressing on the construction. Most of the intercostals have now been made, and work on skinning the cockpit section will start later in the month. The pilot windscreen re work is complete, and the early type rear view mirror has been made. I hope to add some photos in the next few days.


         Work on the project is still ongoing, but real life steps in from time to time and this has led to a delay with updating the website for sometime now.

With things almost back to normal now, i will be updating the site with the latest progress and photos later this month. To those taking the time to enquire about the project i can say, the project has not come to a halt and thankyou for the continued interest.


                 Latest parts to be made for the project include the radiator flap control lever and the fuel tank jettison release gear. Photos in the cockpit page 3.


Work on one of the more elusive instruments for the Spitfire panel has started, this being the Nose up/Down indicator. Photos on the Instruments page.


            The case for the Nose up/Down indicator has been made. Photos on the Instruments page. 


                Work on the project is still very much ongoing, despite the shortage of progress updates. The parts currently being made include the many intercostals and top hat section stiffeners required for the cockpit section. While time consuming to make, these items they are not the most interesting parts to look at. This, and a few other items that have been remade after finding better information have been responsible the the lack of updates.

For those following the project, i would like to say thanks for the continued interest and Happy New Year. 


              Another New Year and time for a long overdue update caused by helping out with a couple of other projects and real life getting in the way. Work on making parts for the Spitfire build has continued, although at a slightly slower pace. Some of the work has included remakes of some items such as a new spade grip, which can be found in the flight controls page, along with progress of the aileron control drum which is in the process of machining.

The other items made for the project can be seen in the cockpit page 3, and include the fuse box mount, refelector gunsight spare lamp holder, blind flying panel mounts, compass mount assembly and switch cluster mounts. I would just like to say thankyou to those following the project and  for your continued interest.



               Cockpit page 4 added  with photos of the switch guards made for the Starter and Boost push buttons.


              The aileron control drum machining is completed, pic's on the flight controls page. Work  has now started on making the last few parts which include the universal joint , the rear bearing and support plate which will complete this assembly.



                 The universal joint for the aileron control drum has been made along with the rear bearing plate for the assembly. Photos in the Flight controls page.



                The latest parts made for the project include a new build De-Icing pump, accumulator tray and the film footage indicator for the gun camera. Photos in the cockpit page 4. Also completed at last, is the nose up/down gauge for the instrument panel, photo in the Instrument page.



                Latest part made for the project is complete, a replica TR-9 radio set. Thanks to Tom W and Ross E for the help with reference material for the build. Photos in the cockpit page 4.



               The latest parts made for the project  include the radio tray, and the IFF self destruct control button assembly. photos in the cockpit page 4.